Monday, June 07, 2010

Images from today

As promised, here is not just another post, but a picture post! Look at me go!
First, the garden in progress.  I took the picture through a screen.  Sorry, but going upstairs was the only way to get a good view.  At the edge between lots of weeds and icky gravel and not so many weeds is where the fence used to be.  It was covered in honeysuckle that had not been pruned in forever.  Maybe since it was planted?  Anyway, it all came out along with the rotting fence.  You can see what the garden beds will look like.  The beds have posts that sink into the ground to stabilize them.  That means someone has to dig a bunch of post holes though.  Hopefully the teen boy who helped last week can come back!

I managed to get E to go to sleep in the stroller last week sometime so I thought I'd try it again today.  WhooHoo!!  Double bonus. Aren't they so stinkin cute?  It was really nice to have some sun in which to do  this.  I may make this a regular daily event. Good for me, good for the kiddos.

While I walked in the glorious sunshine, kid 2 did this:

And I found kid 1 doing this:

Yeah, he pretty much eats non-stop.  Not always the best food choices.  He prefers things of a sweet nature like the above pictured ice cream, but he's 11.


PapaCoyote said...

I am all for ice cream. It is what got me through college. Four summers working for Carnation's ice cream division in East LA allowed me to almost cover all my college expenses thanks to an assist from Grandma who let me live with her during the summer. Carnation made the best ice cream. Good thing Nestle bought them out and ruined the product or I would be fatter than I am now.

mason said...

Hi Sarah, I still follow your blog and just love to see the pictures of the kids. Didn't hear for a long time .
The little girl just turned one isn't it. I know because she is born the day before Quintijns birthday.
I still don't know her name . Hardly to believe it's only M ?

Love Ria , Keep up the good spirit of parenting.

PapaCoyote said...

Hoping to see pictures and commentary about the upcoming camping trip. See, your fans are clamoring for more posts---even all the way from the Netherlands!!