Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Garden

I have had many requests for pictures of the garden.  Since I just found my camera, here goes.
We start on the ground cover tonight.  Some young men from our church are going to come and help us with their nice young backs.  :-)

The beds as seen from the deck.  The one on the right in the corner will be my perennial bed.

As seen from the yard.  Poor broken down gate.  :-(

A variety of yummy squashes.  Pumpkins, zucchini and I think some gourds.  Yes, I was a bad gardener and didn't label my seedlings.  Makes for a fun surprise later, right?

E is very happy that his parents finally wised up and provided some proper play things.  DIRT!!


PapaCoyote said...

The beds look good. Nice job. Will there be a bed assigned to each one of the children who wish to plant and maintain their own garden? They could have growing competitions and dinner could feature somebody's produce for the day. Maybe even cook their own produce for the family. When do we see the camping pictures?

RasJane said...

That is not in the plan yet, but it is a good idea.
Good grief! I'm working on the camping pictures!! :)