Tuesday, December 08, 2009

*evil laugh*

G and E snatched the camera a few days ago. They changed the settings, fought back and forth, and even took some pictures. Here's one the G snapped. Totally unedited.

I love the look E is giving. He must have had an idea how to get the camera back and was about to act on it. LOL


PapaCoyote said...

Is that mind ever at rest?

Sarah said...

It is always to the best to see them in the way they really are...I should give the preschoolers the camera and see what they do :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull sarah, lovely family.
Knitting and sewing might take some time , but these pictures show me it will be worht the wait.
What about having an intern who is studieng in college for being a teacher ? for one afternoon , so you could just do your own things , just one afternoon ?
I don't know if you know this kind of internships for collegestudents.
Take care , love from Ria

MMM&M said...

that smile is outrageous. hahah! love it.