Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's kinda quiet

M has flown the coop for a week again this summer. PapaCoyote gets a victim for his tricks. Lucky him! MamaCoyote gets to spoil someone (besides Papa) for a week.
We get a change up in the environment. Without M we have switched to a younger focus. G gets to be the big kid around and is mostly loving it. He is rather offended that M left. I don't think it is so much that M left, but where he went. Although I do think he misses his playmate. He has spent a lot of time with the neighbor kids. He also seems a bit more aware of E.
It does seem a lot different around. The dynamic has changed. This should be a good break for all of us.
Yesterday, we rented Happy Feet and got Burgerville french fries. G's favorites. Today we'll be going to the homeschool park days to hang out with lots of friends. Not sure about tomorrow. Friday, C has the day off work, so we'll surely find something fun to do then. I'm hoping to get some knitting in. I took on my usual plethora of summer projects. A sweater for me, socks for me, 2 skeins of sock yarn to dye for TBD recipients, and a new wool soaker for E.
Yeah, I shouldn't get too bored.

Time to head to the park!

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PapaCoyote said...

But, noisier here. Just a little bit. A nice noise. We are enjoying M. He has discovered a new fish in our pond--a baby about one inch long. A surprise for all of us. The pool is set up, but we have a leak in the inflatable ring. We will try to track the leak down today and get it patched. The pool holds water okay.