Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fresh Milk

I'll just begin by saying oops. I forgot to take the camera. I forgot to ask the farm owners if I could talk about them. This will be general until next time.

So, last time we were at M's dr appt, I mentioned that I couldn't find a place that had goat milk and was accepting new customers. He gave me the number of a place just a few miles away. I called and, yes, I could go and pick up fresh milk that very day. Hooray!!
So we drove out to get our yummy fresh milk. The people were so nice and friendly--as people who produce food lovingly for others tend to be. And, they let the boys come into the barn and meet the goats, chickens and cats. What a fun afternoon!
Being late spring/heading into summer, the kids are old enough to start weaning. They were very friendly and playful. The mama goats were also very friendly. The kids (mine) spent a lot of time getting to know the goats, and the people who work so hard to raise them in a humane and respectful way. They even offered to let M help milk if we get there at the right time sometime. Wow. Talk about transparency in your food supply!
This farm is not certified organic. It's better. I don't need to have a certification when I can go to the farm, see what the animals are fed, see how they are treated, where they live and see how the milk is collected.
When we got home, we sampled the milk. I had heard that goat milk when fresh is just as good as cow milk. I totally thought people were joking. All the milk, cheese and yogurt I've tasted tasts goaty. Not this. It is so yummy!
I am sooooooooooo happy we have a source now for fresh, real goat milk.


PapaCoyote said...

I have been told by my parents and sister that for some reason cow's milk did not agree with me when I was but a wee one, so the doctor put me on goat's milk. I was told that I thrived and look how I have turned out. As a kid I remember drinking cow's milk especially preferred with Nestle's chocolate powder mixed in. So, what better testimony for goat's milk is there? Huh, did I hear a snicker?!

RasJane said...

Oh Great! I mean, I think you're great. Yeah.
Hmmm, M prefers it made into chocolate shakes. Milk, honey and cocoa powder. I told him he should drink it plain and he says it's better with chocolate. Can't argue with that.