Wednesday, May 09, 2007

They're actually done!

I got good shots of M's pants because he is willing to hold still. G's look the same, trust me. They haven't been washed yet or gone over for stray threads--so please disregard those. I made the mistake though of not measuring M's waist before I started. They are sooo loose on him. And he doesn't like the low rider look. If I can talk him into a belt, he can wear them, otherwise he can wait till he puts on a few inches. Shouldn't take too long based on recent history.

I made them from Ottobre's 1/06 issue. They are view #27 in sizes 134 & 92. They are supposed to roll up--my guys aren't that short ;). I used corduroy and twill from JoAnns. I wish there was more shaping to the waistband. It was just a simple sew&fold. Other than that I like them. They were also pretty easy to sew--typical of Otto.

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