Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sewing for G

After finishing projects for his brothers, I needed to give G equal time.  I let him look through some of my patterns and he chose the jacket and T from Ottobre 1/06
I don't have the T started yet.  As in, not even traced.  But I did finish the jacket.  Hooray!  It was only a bit of an ordeal.  E and baby M managed to loose my buttonhole foot.  But I got creative and did snaps on the pocket instead of buttons.  I haven't lined anything in a long time, so that was a nice mental challenge to do again.
I asked G if he wanted the "OttoJeans" print on the back or something else.  He was adamant about it being "OttoJeans" so there ya go.  He did figure out that my machine does letters, so he had to have his name on the jacket somewhere.  Not just his initials on the front patch.  So I did his name on the inside lining.
He's happy, I'm happy.  Happy!  Happy!


MooMama said...

I am so impressed!

G J G J said...

Niiiiice! That looks awesome!
I really miss sewing things like that for my boys.