Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My comedian

I do remember that I have a blog--honest!

We went for a walk yesterday to pick up M from scouts. On the way, G found a stick that was the perfect shape for a magic wand. He waked down the sidewalk turning things into flowers.

Thank goodness it was flowers and not transformers. How does he even know what these things are without having seen the movies??

Anyway, he looked up at a house and pointed his wand. Swish. "I turned that house into a flower!"
Me- "What about the people who live there? Can they live in the flower?"
G- "Yes! (duh) It's a big flower."
Me- "what about their beds? Where will they sleep?" Sleep is often a special concern of mine.
G- "They're flower beds!"



Mommy Bee said...

that's awesome.
Do you think he knows what a "flower bed" is? or was it one of those funny-by-chance sorts of things? (Those are almsot better than the funny-on-purpose ones!)

RasJane said...

Honestly, I can never quite tell with that kid. I'm pretty sure it was a funny-by-chance.

Shady Lady said...

I wanna live in a flower.

PapaCoyote said...

If one were to live in a flower, then one could be kissed by the bees. That is from a Papago (Tohono O’Odham--desert people)story. What would it be like to be kissed by the bees instead of stung by the bees? Ask G what it would be like to be kissed by the bees and not stung by the bees. He probably has a good answer for that, too. He is a funny little guy with a quick and imaginative mind.

Gina said...

I also want to live in a flower and sleep in a flower bed. Can he come change my neighborhood into flowers? :)