Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I've made it 31 years in this life. My mom says I can't be her daughter anymore. I have to be her sister or niece or something. That's okay. She'll still spoil me.
E has been up till midnight for the last 2 nights. Ugh. But when he woke up to eat this morning, I realized he had slept for 5 hours!! Yay! I'm hoping this means we've turned the tide towards sleeping for longer periods of time. I don't expect him to sleep for 5 hours consistently, but maybe 4? That would be lovely.
I got presents from the rest of the family too. C gave me a lovely 12" stainless steel omelet pan. It will be so nice to have a larger pan to cook for this hungry family of ours. And M picked out one of those herbal/rice hot packs that you heat up in the microwave. Sooooo nice for my shoulders which are getting mighty sore. Especially since G wants to be carried more. Whew, he's heavy.


Lanna said...

Wait a minute, with as much as you cook, isn't having to wait until your birthday for a pan against your human rights or something? ;) M has good taste. We have a couple of those and they're nifty, particularly for cold feet nights. Just remember to occasionally put a dish of water in the microwave when you nuke it because it needs a little humidity to not catch fire. We've not burnt one up, but have definitely had some scorchy smells in the kitchen when we forgot for a long while..hehe.

Yay for more sleep :). I can't recall life when babies were that little, probably an evolutionary device to keep us reproducing. I do remember that when Nyssa was a baby Ferberizing was still en vogue. Now the idea of suddenly cutting off night visits at 6 months seems arbitrary and cruel. At least, despite her wailing protests, I seem to have done no damage to her vocal chords...

Lanna said...

oh, and of course, happy birthday!!!! <3<3<3