Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

Yay, we now have a new and improved computer. The old one put forth great service. It lived for 7 years and through countless moves. It was dying a slow and painful death. C harvested it for parts and bought all new stuff for my Christmas present. It is so cool! He is going towards setting it up as a media center. Anyway, it runs without groaning which is quite nice.
I think I am all ready for Christmas. It still doesn't seem right to be celebrating Christmas without a big trip back home. Even after 3 years of staying here, I can't quite get used to it. I suppose I should enjoy that part about the big trip and all the packing that goes with that. So, one more full day till Christmas. The presents are all (almost) wrapped, the goose is thawing in the fridge, and I have three great guys to spend the holiday with!
I am looking forward to posting more pictures once all that stuff is installed. I guess I have no more excuses for not keeping this at least sort of current.

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